Diagnosis and Treatment

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At the initial consultation, a patient will be asked to discuss his or her present day symptoms/state of health and complete health history. The resulting treatment will be tailored to the individual’s needs, taking into consideration age, symptoms, general constitution, and life circumstances.

Diagnosis involves the identification of the patient’s constitutional and emotional make-up, and their strengths and weaknesses, through a physical examination that combines pulse-taking with information gathered at the intake.

A typical course of treatment consists of three to five weekly initial treatments. After the foundation is laid, the patient will be reevaluated. Frequency of sessions, at this point, depends upon a patient’s response to treatment. The length of treatments is determined by how long the patient has been ill before coming for treatment, how well they follow recommendations between treatments, and the patient’s goals for treatment. Treatments take the patient from pathology to health and through to their full potential.

Acupuncture is also preventative medicine, meaning it can help you stay well if you are in good health or have no symptoms. A patient does not have to have a specific complaint to need treatment. J.R Worsley used to say it is much easier to help a patient stay well then heal them once they are sick. In today’s world, where there is constant stress and disconnection from nature, most people need help in keeping their energy balanced. That is what acupuncture can provide.