Lymphatic therapy is an energetic, stimulating bodywork of primarily light touch, performed on the supine body (face up), that addresses the lymphatic system. Lymphatic therapy assists the natural flow of the lymph vessels through subtle (“lighter than a nickel’s weight”) rhythmic massage across the skin, underneath which the majority of vessels lay. Lymph nodes (at neck, shoulder/armpits, elbows, belly, inguinal region, knees and ankles) are addressed with deeper pressure. The massage stimulates the circulation of lymph, with benefits including fluid drainage from face/sinuses, extremities and gut, reduced swelling of nodes and some edemas, removal of toxins, stimulation of the immune system, improved healing, reduction of scar tissue, and removal of subdermal fat (in conjunction with palpation and roll techniques promotes dissipation of cellulite).


A full body therapy, deep musculoskeletal and myofascial layers of the body are accessed in supine and prone positions. Deep to very deep pressure is applied to the complex muscle groups of the neck and shoulders (rotator cuff, bursa, subscapularis, serratus, rhomboids and levator, scalines erector spinae), hips, lower back and legs (iliop-psoas, adductors, abductors, rotators, piriformis etc.). In conjunction with deep passive stretching, rhythmic joint articulation and percussion/chopping, a profound relaxing of the body can be achieved. Improved circulation and flushing of toxins, decrease of recovery time, reduction of pain and stiffness, and increased flexibility are all benefits of the deep tissue massage.


The classic relaxing full-body spa massage, Swedish uses bold flowing strokes (effleurage) in conjunction with focused work (petrissage) on smaller areas to warm the body up and increase circulation. Rhythmic pressure (tapotement), rocking and passive stretching release tension and improve flexibility and range of movement. I massage the body’s superficial muscles and fascia in both supine and prone positions using light to deep pressure. Improved bloodflow and oxygenation, flushing of toxins, reduction of stress and pain, and increased relaxation are all benefits of this massage.


An exquisite, relaxing and invigorating massage of the subtle extremities. The hands and feet are microcosms of the body, allowing direct access to the other organs and systems of the body through micro-chakras and meridians/nadis. The feet contain 7000 nerve endings each, and the hands an astounding 1,300 per square inch. Intentional pressure and energy applied to the hands and feet can release neuromuscular, emotional, and energetic blockages across the whole body. This therapy pays detailed attention to the muscles, tendons, fascial layers, and energetic matrix of the hands and feet, as well as massaging and articulating the tissues of the ankles, wrists, forearms, calves and shins.

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