Holistic Nutrition & Reiki

Holistic Nutrition, Health Coaching and Reiki with Kathleen Sliski, M. A.

Holistic Nutrition & Healing with Whole Foods

As a holistic nutritionist, Kathleen supports clients with education about the subtle energetic qualities of food. With this knowledge, clients can select foods that cleanse, balance and energize their mind-body-spirit systems. Choosing foods from a higher spiritual and energetic perspective that not only promote radiant health, but also benefit ecological health are the primary goals of the Healing with Whole Foods program. Foods are best when eaten in their wholeness to get the most benefit from them. Whole foods are contrasted with commercially packaged foods which are not fresh; contain preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, hormones and refined sugars. Selecting foods that are organically grown by local farmers enlivens body, mind and spirit and also strengthens the environment in which we live. Whole foods consist of plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, nuts, seeds, grains and lean protein such as fish, lamb, poultry, grass-fed beef and legumes.

All of these foods come directly from Nature. In Mother Earth's wisdom, she has given us all the essential nutrients to nourish us on the body, mind and spirit energetic planes. The Healing with Whole Foods program includes three elements: the "Rainbow Diet," the Energetics of Food, and the Flavors of Food.

A rainbow diet of whole foods is recommended by many sources in the field of holistic nutrition because the color pigments in fruits and vegetables contain a synergistic blend of beneficial compounds. These compounds are responsible for many of the medicinal properties of foods that purify and balance the glands, organs and nerve centers. Current research in nutrition confirms the link between specific foods and particular pathways through which they flow in the human body. Generally speaking, warming foods will raise the metabolism and cooling foods will slow it down. Moreover, the flavors (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, pungent and astringent) of foods affect an individual's subtle energetic nature. Different flavors can be balancing or unbalancing depending on your constitution. In order to maintain good health, we need a balance of all the different foods and flavors with their different properties and actions.

Holistic Health Coaching

One of the main goals in holistic health coaching is to have clients assume personal responsibility and participation in their health and well-being. Frequently, a coach or nutritionist will inundate clients with too much information and advice. In contrast, holistic wellness coaching is a client-driven process. The agenda is set by the client and not the coach and the goals and action steps are based on the client's values, areas of focus and desired outcomes.

Through this process of self-direction, your self-knowledge is stimulated to rise to the surface. Clients learn about their patterns, values and perceptions that help them to move to new places within themselves. During each coaching session you will design small action steps that help to attain your wellness goals. As a result of fieldwork, you will strengthen existing capacities and learn new ones through a process of practice and reflection. As a holistic health coach, Kathleen imparts a healing presence and applies tools to explore a client's goals from a holistic (body, mind and spirit) energy healing framework. Kathleen believes each of us is whole, creative and capable of acting from our own intention and wisdom to create a meaningful life and attain radiant health.

Reiki and Distant Healing

Reiki is an ancient laying-on-of-hands healing method in which the practitioner serves as an open channel for transmitting universal life force energy or Divine energy (also known as ki, qi, prana, or chi) to a client. The energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands, which then activates a client's own natural ability to heal. Reiki hand positions correspond with the body's endocrine system and the seven major chakras. The endocrine system regulates hormone balance and metabolism. On an energetic level, the endocrine glands correspond to the seven main chakras, or energy centers.

Reiki energy flows to wherever it is needed most, releasing blocked energies, cleansing the body of toxins, working to create a state of balance and harmony, and promoting relaxation and healing. Reiki healing enhances any other therapy or treatment and functions on body, mind and spirit levels. It can be combined excellently with holistic health coaching, holistic nutrition, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, Rolfing and many more healing arts. A Reiki healing session imparts a gentle, glowing radiance and can create an experience of peace, security and well-being. With Reiki Distant Healing, Kathleen transmits Reiki healing energy over a distance at a previously agreed time.

The following are some commonly reported benefits of Reiki treatment. Research data demonstrates that Reiki treatment can be effective for relaxation, pain management, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, and enhanced well-being:

Improved sleep
Improved digestion
Stronger self-esteem
Support for substance abuse recovery
Accelerated surgical recovery
Reduced side effects from radiation, chemotherapy and Rx meds
Greater self-awareness
Greater ease and satisfaction in relationship
Heightened intuition

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