Rolfing & Yoga

New Clients to Rolfing and Yoga with Lorenz Schweitzer

New clients begin with Rolfing rather than other forms of bodywork and/or Yoga. Although, if a client is inflamed, subtle manual techniques will be used to calm and to create the proper resources that the body requires before receiving the direct manual techniques of Rolfing.

Rolfing is a method of educational bodywork originally called "structural integration". Rather than "fix-it" work, Rolfing is a systematic approach to realigning the body that produces dramatic and long-lasting changes. It is based on the concept that most of us are significantly out of alignment with gravity, and upon aligning with gravity our bodies can heal and move towards it's best nature. The general Rolfing series unlocks the body's greater potential, relieving it of distortions created by past injuries, emotional tensions, and/or general long-term overuse. The result is a longer, leaner, and more resilient body which radiates youth and vitality. Rolfing is very beneficial if you experience chronic tension, stiffness, or pain in your body.

Traditionally, Rolfing is a ten session series. Some clients will need a shorter or longer series to complete the developmental stages that the traditional Rolfing ten session series offers.

The goal of any series of Rolfing is to relieve symptoms due to misalignment and educate the client on principle movement techniques that are both subtle and deep in their body. At the end of each session, Lorenz gives his clients “home work” assignments. Most assignments are simple tasks involving structural alignment, mobilization of tissue or joints, spatial and kinesthetic movements all meant to supplement progress made during sessions.

When the Rolfing series is complete, future goals will be discussed and how Lorenz can best be of service to the client. Typically, one of the following scenarios usually applies:

Annual sessions of Rolfing: 2-3 times per year to assist in retaining the improvements that the Rolfing series offered.
Periodic sessions of Rolfing: One session every 4-6 weeks to assist in reducing the effect of intense competitive athletic training, chronic pain, or chronic tension patterns which are the result of an intense lifestyle.
Progression to Yoga and or Movement Sessions Series: Periodic sessions scheduled to support the retention of the benefits from the Rolfing series.

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