Marcy Liner, LAc.

Marcy Liner trained as a Five Element acupuncturist at the Worsley Institute in 1995 while completing a rigorous five-year apprenticeship with prominent San Francisco acupuncturist Peggy Arent. In 1995, she had the distinct pleasure and privilege of studying with visionary prodigy and pioneer J.R. Worsley, the famed Five Element practitioner who single-handedly brought Five Element acupuncture to the United States in the 1970’s. She received her master's degree in Chinese Medicine in 1999 from the Worsley Institute. Marcy has had her own practice in San Francisco for more than 12 years and is dedicated to providing her patients with the quality of treatment that is demanded by this tradition.

Marcy chose to train in Five Element acupuncture because it allows her to treat each patient at a deep, constitutional level to heal their body, mind and spirit. Driven by the laws of nature and her passion for sustainability, Marcy is inspired to support her patients in achieving vitality, longevity and their full potential in the world. She believes that when we follow our true path - grow and develop as nature intended, experience freedom of self, contribute uniquely to the world - we contribute to the health of the whole planet.